Friday, 29 July 2016

Family Experience

We have for some time been defining the term "active cultural tourism", differentiating it from "active tourism" witch is related to risk activities.
Going camping with our son is tourism, because we leave the comfortable environment where we usually live, is cultural because we know places, customs or gastronomy and is active because it requires a dynamic attitude.
It is an activity that is frequently declined in third parties for its accomplishment: school, farm educational centers, companies specialized in camps and so on. But when we choose this way to approach our children to nature, parents are not involve, they are not there.
The difficulty to do it ourselves is that usually we don't know the places to do it with guarantees of success, being sure our family will be safe.
If you want to enjoy an adventure experience with your kids, there are companies that give us technical support and safety guarantees.

Your family will have an experience they will always remember because being in an environment far from the usual of our life, always leaves a mark.

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