Monday, 15 August 2016

Guided tour = tour operator?

There are humble projects that are born with the idea of helping to know to the travelers the customs and surroundings that they visit. These simple projects, are very distant of the tourist packages proposed by the big operators.
We are a small family businesses where the workers, encouraged by the desire to collaborate in the knowledge of places and people, offer a close and personalized treatment to our visitors.
The illusion in our proposal and the knowledge of the environment, allow us to transmit our personality giving singularity to the experiences of the traveler.
Neither can we, nor is it our goal to compete with the big bets of multinational companies. The scope of our work is local and often not understood in our own area of influence by people who live in the area:
"... The roads are indicated and signposted ... whoever wants to see them can finds them ..."
Is a phrase we can hear from the locals, and somehow is true.
Guided tourism does not pretend to discover anything hidden; Nature, heritage, peoples, are there for those who want to find them.
Guided tourism linkes the anecdote to the place, the legend to the environment, the didactic explanation of the geological formation of mountains and valleys, as well as the story of the origin of the settlements of towns and their people.

We like to call this guided tourism "active cultural tourism" and it is an ageless tourism, it only requires sensitivity and interest in knowledge.

Sustainable tourism

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