Saturday, 16 April 2016

Any age...

... is suitable for walking, knowing, tasting, with no hurry.
I would say even more; walking, knowing, tasting with no rush is advisable at any age.

Nowadays the access to information is really easy and that lead us to label, fit, facts with moments, ages with activities, environments with behaviors.
I have noticed that there is less and less personal commitment in individual actions, it seems that the most comfortable thing is to follow the script of what is expected from us according to our circumstances. This makes today's trips are based mainly on the tour packages. Today the agencies are even able to prepare an 'adventure product' with all naturalness, omitting the strong contradiction that it entails.
I recall the memory of a friend with who I went on an impromptu trip to central Europe and after 9 days of travel he said to me: Aren't we having a good time?"
It was the first time he was on a trip without a well defined objective and he was lacked references.
I think this new way of tourism has led to us to move more around the world but do fewer trips. There are more visited monuments and cities but less known places,

This is what encourages us to struggle for active cultural tourism, for the trips made for knowing, for vacations full of walking, observing, discovering. This is the purpose of Conyegar.

Knowing places with Conyegar, Spain

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