Wednesday, 24 May 2017

May Long Weekend

The plane of Airfrance runs through the Charles de Gaulle runway from Paris. Finally, I get to sit in this futurist space of Business class. There was stop and go traffic in the A1 route to the airport, heading from Rue Renoir in Saint-Denis. It is 24th of April and my pace of life has been frenetic since 10 days, due to the new marketing strategies. My head is spinning among the several photos, slogans… The Airbus A321 is taking off. The plane is in the air, I recline the seat. The fatigue is taking me over. I look the watch: 9.08 p.m.
I have been got up by a soft hit while the flight attendant is informing that we have already landed in Barcelona. It is 10.04 p.m. The enterprise car is waiting me in the terminal, Santiago drives. While we are in our way, the email inbox shows a Sara´s new. She confirms that we have booked our accommodation in Parador de Plasencia for this long weekend. In addition, she attaches me information about two enterprises and their contacts that can manage a couple of activities. This time is a wonderful chance to live with the representatives of the region for four days. I send thoroughly emails to the enterprises via Tablet, to see what kind of experiences they can offer me for this four days. Beforehand, I excused my rush about the matter.

Both of the two enterprises answer including interesting ideas. Carlos, responsible of Conyegar, addresses me a perfect solution to spend the Saturday and Monday, as well as, giving me possible options for the Sunday and Tuesday return. This plan fits accurately my necessities. We will get to learn about the surroundings, gastronomy, a glance of the history and legend of the region through activities in Comarca de la Vera that ranges from interpreted hiking and 4x4 routes.

On early Saturday, Carlos picks us up in Jaraiz de la Vera with a minivan. We are heading to Cementerio Alemán that locates in the road Caucos to Monasterio de Yuste. The place is well-indicated and easy to find. The experience is worthy to live thanks to our guide that explains us either the stories surrounding the origin of the cemetery or the several buried soldiers. The knowledge and narration of Carlos about the matter immerses us in the various stories of those buried there.

Graves from Cementerio Alemán

I have already step out from AVE in the Sants Station (Barcelona). Santiago waves in the hall of the station. We get to the parking where the enterprise car is. Along our way from the airport, the memories of our visit to the goatherd house (chozo), the route along villages that are historic-artistic ensemble, and that tasty stew of goat in the middle of oak grove with the fern blanket are in my mind. Not least to mention the view of the singular canyon, that is remarkable from the region, as well as, the landscape over Tajo from the viewpoint of Parque de Monfragüe.

Monfragüe, El Tajo
I can feed these memories of the legends and stories of the region thanks to the blog of Carlos, who narrates the experiences and investigations about the Comarca de la Vera.

Active Tourism, an eco-awar family enterprise from Extremadura: Conyegar

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