Monday, 24 April 2017

An easter day

Hello, we are Ana and Javier, and together with our three sons (4,7 and 10 years) we have been visiting La Comarca de la Vera for several times. We enjoy to experience new things in this part of the region. For the last times, we have booked canoe rides and activities in a tree-top adventure park, and these were very enjoyable.
Instead of this kind of tourism for our last trip to the region, we found a different option thanks to Carlos. He is in charge of an enterprise that promotes Active Cultural Tourism -a term that we have never heard about before. Carlos told us that is a combination of guided tourism and revisited trekking that he holds in his routes all over the region, either on foot, or by bike, or by 4x4.
No matter what the environment is, the route is always guided by an expert that explains the surroundings including nature and ethnography background. This description had caught our attention and we asked Carlos to send us details about the trekking route in order to take the stroll with our three sons.

Carlos replied us the same afternoon with all kind of details about the route. The route goes through an oak forest, where mosses and lichens grow wildly, and finishes in a very special place chozo de cabreros where having lunchtime based on traditional meals of the region. A “chozo” is the typical housing for goatherds that climbed the highest picks of mountains with their cattle in summer.
He attached pics and tips about the equipment, as well as a schedule of the day journey in the email.
Our expectations were met satisfactorily. The route was suitable in terms of distances and slopes for our children, who enjoyed specially going through one of the so-called canyons of the region.
Along the stroll, we could watch different varieties of trees and plants. Beetles such as “toros del sol” and ants drawn the attention of our children.
Hiking Interpreting with family
Grabbing some food in the chozo located in the mountain landscape gave us an experience that matched perfectly with the whole day, the biscuits of pomelo for dessert delighted us.

Active Tourism, an eco-awar family enterprise from Extremadura: Conyegar

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