Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Extremadura, Spain: land of Paths

Extremadura, besides its nature and cultural heritage, is known, as well, for being a prolific land in adventurers.
In my opinion this is one of the first surges of immigration more or less organized in Extremadura and it happens in the Middle Age driven by the events of Cristobal Colon's trips.

In the late XV century due to the tracks stablished by Cristobal Colon, more than 8000 men and women from Extremadura threw themselves in the quest of adventure, fame and money. From all of them, we know barely a dozen of them that have left their names in history.
These persons that left the places that saw them be borned, almost always driven by the search for better life conditions, they were moved for the improvement of their social status.
Ambition and desperation create a great binomia to force the leaving of their confort environment of a reagion hit by the poverty.
Not all of them were lucky in their pesonal challenge and, some of them, have written their names in history because of the actions during their trips under the surname of "Conquerors".
It is very curious that depending on the period, on the way they arrived to the places and the outcome of the events, the naming of the same action takes different names: Conquerors, globetrotter, adventurer or inmigrant.
I consider that there has been always two characterictics that differenciate the motivation of the trip: the restlessness to know or the social neccesity. Today we can add to this the need to buy trips to reassert our social status.
In Extremaduraexperiencias we are focussed in the ones motivated by the first one: the restlessness to know.
Due to this, we prepare experiences that go through the paths of our region, creating the ambient of our ascendants, remembering the difficulties of our ancestors.
In our experiences we transmit the restlessness of living without all the communication media that surrounds us on our day to day life.
Come on let us guide you on your trip to Extremadura.

Paths of adventurers

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